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Wednesday, 30 September 2015 22:29


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Elephant with mop and bucket Elephant with mop and bucket

The old school way of cleaning is by using a bucket and a mop, but times have changed and so should the way you clean your facility and floors. The water in the mop bucket gets reused every time you wring out the mop within the bucket. That means that you are creating filthy water that you are spreading throughout your facility. If you are trying to prevent the spread of common animal diseases than this is not the way!

Our Parvocide is applied directly to the problem surface area and works as soon as it is applied. No more using the same contaminated water, instead use a quick and easy solution that is not back breaking like the traditional mop and bucket cleaning technique.

Not only is it more sanitary to use a straight disinfectant that can be directly applied onto the surfaces that need cleaning, but it is also more cost effective. It can cost thousands of dollars to fill a mop bucket with your common chemicals a year.

LET US SHOW YOU a Faster, Easier, More Efficient & Less Expensive Way to clean any animal facility!

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Dick Grosswald

Dick Grosswald

I've spent the last 29 years becoming an expert in the cleaning in sanitation of Animal Sheltering facilities. I would like to show YOU a Faster, Easier, More Efficient & Less Expensive Way to clean any animal facility. Call me or Email and let me help YOU compare what we do to what YOU do, at what could be a fraction of the cost.

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