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Did You Know That The Parvovirus...

Is a highly contagious disease?

Can produce life threatening illnesses?

Is resistant to many typical disinfectants?

Can be transmitted by any person, animal or object?

Can survive on inanimate objects?

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One Step Parvo Tech!

Its your simple and effective solution to a clean and disease free environment!

The only disinfectant you will need that can be applied in 3 Easy Steps

Rinse * Apply * Done

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The Power of ONE chemical to:

Clean, Disinfect and Deodorize your entire Facility!

EPA Registered

USDA Approved

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Dick Grosswald

Best in Class Kennel Cleaning Solution!

One Step Parvo Tech kills Parvo, Feline Leukemia, Bordetella and 97 other animal related diseases. Clean Examining Tables, Floors, Kennels, Stainless Steel Cages, Bathrooms, Soak Instruments and more. Clean your entire facility for as low as $200 a year with no other chemicals needed!

Featured Products

We specialize in cleaning and janitorial products for veterinarians, animal control, humane societies, doggy daycare & boarding facilities, rescue agencies, kennels, breeders and groomers. Our featured products showcase the products that would make the cleaning and sanitation of your facility simpler and more cost effective than other alternatives. From disinfectant cleaners to applicators to janitorial items we have your needs covered. Make Parvo Tech your one stop shop to a clean and disease free facility.

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How Much Can You Save By Switching To One Step Parvotech?

Check out our product usage calculator now!

Contact Parvotech Today!

1-877-544-0660 / 404-444-0660

  • The results speak for them selves when you look at the before and after pictures. I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw grime that I have tried to rid my kennel of for years...
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  • Dick Grosswald

    I've Spent the last 25 years becoming and expert in the cleaning and sanitation of Animal Sheltering facilities. I would like to show YOU a Faster, Easier, More Efficient & Less Expensive Way to clean any animal facility. Call me or Email and let me help YOU compare what we do to what YOU do, at what could be a fraction of the cost.

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